2. What to look for?
In assessing the effectiveness of your online locator, consider the following three things:


Does your locator reflect the company’s brand personality across all devices?


Are the map features on your locator accurate and properly displayed when viewed on different devices?


Does your locator give the best possible experience regardless of the device viewing it?

How did you do?
What score would you give your locator for brand personality, map features and platform optimisation?

1. Does the locator fit your brand personality?

2. Does the locator display the map features accurately?

3. Is the locator optimised for mobile, desktop, tablet?

0 / 3

Uh oh. I hope this is a competitor’s locator. This locator is crying out for help.

1 / 3

It could be worse – it could have scored 0/3. This locator needs a makeover.

2 / 3

Two out of three ain’t bad but there’s room for improvement.

3 / 3

Congrats! This locator is right on the money.

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