Documentation - QuickMap® API

This document discusses the Web Services API, a collection of HTTP interfaces to services provided by MapData Services.

What is a Web Service?

The MapData Services Web Services API is a collection of Location Based web services providing access to Geo Data that can be used within your Location Based Solutions.

Web services:

  • RESTful APIS using a HTTP interface via specific URLs. URL parameters are passed as arguments to the services and the data is returned using a format appropriate to the request.

  • SOAP APIs that provide a set of classes, methods and properties that can be used in a variety of development environments. The services are self-documenting, with the methods and classes available by loading the ASMX or WSDL files in either a development environment or Internet browser.


This document is intended for desktop, website and mobile developers who need to include location into their applications.


The MDS Web Service API’s can be used in conjunction with any other API, including those not provided by MapData Services.

NOTE: service responses cannot be saved, you must call the service every time.

You will use the same URL for each of the web services during every stage your development project, including:
  • Research and development;
  • Testing and QA;
  • Application release.


The Web Service API’s use API Key and Basic access authentication, please see the specific service documentation for the modes supported.

  • API Key

  • This mode requires the API Key to be provided in the Query String of each Request. This mode is preferred when making service calls from Web Browsers Application.

  • Basic Authentication

  • This mode means that each request that is made to the service must include the Authorization header. This mode is preferred when making service calls from either mobile or desktop applications.

  • SOAP Authentication

  • MDS Webs Services uses the HTTP Digest Access authentication protocol to authenticate the calls made to the SOAP APIs. In order to receive a response to your web service request, the request will need to be authenticated by MDS. The authentication is done by applying the username and password (supplied to you by MapData Science) in each request.

  • In a request, the Authentication Header class contains the username and password as attributes. An invalid username/password combination will result in an error response.

  • The sample Visual Basic .NET code below shows how to apply your username and password in your application (note: MDSQuickLocateWS is the name of the QuickLocate Web Services web reference):

  • Example

            [VISUAL BASIC.NET]
            'Sets up MDS Quicklocate WebService 
            Dim QLService As New MDSQuickLocateWS.GeocoderService
            Dim wsHeader As New MDSQuickLocateWS.AuthHeader
            wsHeader.Username = "InsertYourUsernameFromMDS"
            wsHeader.Password = "InsertYourPasswordFromMDS" 
            QLService.AuthHeaderValue = wsHeader